Replayable Mechanics in a World of Chaos

Just Cause 3 is at first just another ridiculous-action, shoot-the-bad-guys game.  The game’s story is shallow, yet enjoyable, but its mechanics are the reason I keep coming back to play this game over and over again.  Instead of running everywhere, players are encouraged to use their wrist-mounted grappling hooks to reel themselves across the world at high speed.  Moving quickly through the air?  Open your parachute at any time and stay up even longer.  Use your grappling hook while parachuting and reel in to achieve limitless airtime.  Crave flight but parachuting is too slow for you?  Use your wingsuit instead, but be careful of trees and the ground, as they’ll knock you out of the sky if you get too close.  These are some of the most unique movement mechanics I have ever used in a game, and they make the experience a blast every time.  Although JC3 allows the player to summon a large variety of vehicles at any time, I most often find myself wingsuiting through the cities, islands and mountains of the game world.  Although some challenges spread throughout the game world will reset your progress if you slip up, on the whole the game is not very punishing: there is a limited health pool for your character, but it is not quantified in a health bar, nor does it stay low.  Instead, your health recharges when you are not taking damage, with damage represented by an increasingly red tinge to the edges of the screen.  This keeps the player from worrying too much about health and instead provides encouragement to use the character’s tremendous arsenal of weapons and skills to defeat your enemies.  This encouragement and opportunity for experimentation is what makes JC3 so replayable for me.  I’ve attached a video of someone playing around with the wingsuit mechanic in the game for demonstration.

Source: Replayable Mechanics in a World of Chaos