Lab 3 – Animated GIF


Reaction gif

These are some of the most commonly used gifs in today’s worlds. Finding a counter-gif for this wasn’t too hard due to its regularity. I decided to take a different path with this though as the gif I chose as my counter is a reaction gif itself. Ironic I know, but reaction-gifs are all about context and this gif is making fun of that context. To elaborate, the internet loves trends and gifs are no exception to this. Currently Reddit is packed full of Michael Scott gifs reacting to a caption about how people’s wives are already starting to take out Christmas decorations. It is a relatable idea for many and his simple and or over-the-top reactions seem to fit it perfectly. Someone had the great idea of posting this gif of pam (image 2) with the title, MRW (my reaction when) I have no wife or girlfriend to take out the Christmas decorations early… or Christmas decorations to even take out.

Cinemagraph Gif:

These are my personal favorite out of any gif category. They are visually captivating and practically utterly useless. There is often not a very humorous meaning to the gif. It is meant as a piece of art. That is why I think Will Farrell’s gif couldn’t be more fitting. It tears down the fancy aspect of a Cinemograph. We see in the first gif a picturesque dinner table with the endlessly swirling glass of wine. In the second gif Will Farrell is in a massage chair, crying, and failing to get the wine from his swirling glass to his mouth, hilarious. In my mind that is what a “gif” should be. It should tell a story or describe a moment. The cinemagraph creates a moment, its purpose isn’t to capture a scene we can all relate to. Though I do thoroughly enjoy scrolling through these cinemagraphs I feel like they are the snobs of the gif world.

Wobble Gif:

The wobble gif can often be a parody of other gifs due to the fact that it can combine multiple gifs and or scenes into one. I picked the inception gif because it is such an iconic and frustrating scene that many people have often done some funny parodies of it. The gif loops endlessly with the top always wobbling every half second. People like to put captions such as, “wait for it.” Why you ask? Because they find it hilarious to know that you will stare at this endlessly looping gif with the expectation that something will eventually change. Even that wasn’t really a parody because the gif itself was unchanged. The second gif shows Richard Branson in a high speed car chase using some future device to help eliminate the cars in pursuit. Some creative animator realized that his device looked similar to a Gameboy so they edited in a Gameboy in place of the actual piece of technology. So now he is simply playing an intense game of Mario-Cart during what is supposed to be a suspenseful chase scene. I love this gif because it is able to totally transform the clip from serious to comical with one simple edit.

Sports Gif:

These are famous for two reasons, highlights and fails. That’s about all you get with a sports gif typically. Sometimes there is an exceptional fan reaction, but generally speaking they are, to no surprise, sports oriented. The first gif I chose is a classic play where the cowboys fail to touch the receiver down and give up a touchdown against the giants. The second gif is of Homer Simpson fading away into the bushes behind him with a cub’s shirt on and reemerging with an Indians shirt on. It is meant as a way to show the loss of faith in the losing team and the shift to the winning on. It is a funny comment and a good break from the standard sports gif. I think that as sports gifs go this is rather counter to the norm as it is breaking allegiances which is a big no go when it comes to sports.

Fandom Gif:

The nerdy brother of the gif world is the Fandom gif. I picked Game of Thrones as my topic because of its prominence in today’s culture. Even with its popularity it can be hard to use a lot of the show in gif form as people have a hard time separating a moment from the show as a whole. When I see a clip from game of thrones I remember everything else that was going on in the show and I cannot really separate it to apply it to a situation in my own life. Without that quality the gif either has to present a joke and or remind you of a classic scene. The first gif is an iconic scene for the show of the Night King, doing what the Night King does. The second is a totally different scene with a very different meaning. The gif of Tyrion is meant to make you laugh and it can be used as a reaction gif or just for a laugh. This to me makes it counter to the Fandom gif because it serves no purpose in really highlighting a moment in the show. It can be removed from all context and still manage to get a laugh or at the very least feel relatable in some way.




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