Lab 3: Animated GIF


Cinemagraph GIF:

Cinemagraph GIF




The first GIF presents a cinemagraph. It is mainly black and white, besides the eye color change. This creates a serious mood and emphasizes tension around the GIF. Just like most cinemagraph GIFs, this one has a sense of excellence and minimalistic beauty.  The counter GIF is of a person messing up, while attempting to draw a parallel line. This GIF qualifies as a counter to the first one, since while both GIFs start off with potential for beauty and excellence, the second GIF breaks through the typical expectations. In comparison to the cinemagraph, the counter GIF does not leave the viewer with the a feeling of tension and seriousness, but rather with frustration.



Sports GIF:

Sports GIF



The first GIF is depicting a a beautiful goal, scored by one of the finest lads in the game of soccer, Olivier Giroud. Just as most Sport GIFs, this one captures a moment of beautiful success. It is almost difficult to not watch this GIF a few times, to fully appreciate the quality of displayed skill and supreme human ability. The second GIF is a counter for many reasons. Since the depicted “players” are robots, the GIF right away misses it’s chance to impress the viewers with exceptional human capabilities. Furthermore, while the first GIF ends with a beautiful result of the ball breaking through the line of defense and into the back of the net, the expectations of beautiful finish in the second GIF are crushed with the ball stopping right on the goal line of the.



Reaction GIF:

Reaction GIF





The first GIF captures an emotion of a little boy, after the team he came out to support, scored an important goal. While looking at the GIF, not only can the viewer relate to the emotion, but the child can also serve as a symbol of innocence, and therefore reinforce the effect of this reaction GIF. The counter GIF is of a little robot driving around the table. It is a counter to the reaction GIF above, since it depicts a simple action by an inhumane object. Due to similar movements between the little robot and the little kid, a viewer might interpret both GIFs as reaction GIFs. This interesting example of a reaction GIF and its counter also raises a few interesting questions about a reaction GIF. What exactly makes a GIF a reaction GIF? Is it the presence of a relatable feeling, and if so, does the object depicted within the GIF has to be human?



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